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ID Verification Create An Account Forgotten Password Close Account Reactivating your account Payment Method Change Change Email Address Missing Activation Email Mobile Devices


Accepted Payment Methods Fees How Do I Make A Deposit Deposit Limit Reached Resident Transfers to Another Facility or is Released Where Is My Deposit Deposit Made to Incorrect Resident Transaction Failed Duplicate Deposit Deposit Refund Requests Resident Balance Deposit and Commissary Charge History Missing Resident Social Security Number Requirement


Messaging Subscription Explanation Setup Messaging Subscription Disable Auto-Billing Send an Image Send a Message Rules for Images Reference Code XYZZY Email is Pending Review Missing Resident - Email Message Not Sent - Draft not saving Block or Unblock Residents Email and Video Visitation Charge History Email Refund Request Missing Messages

Commissary Packs

What is a Commissary Allowance Create a Commissary Allowance View Commissary Allowance Receipts Commissary Pack Tracking Make a Commissary Order Resident transferred or released Missing Resident for Commissary Packs Commissary Pack Refunds

Video Visitation

Schedule a Video Call Connect to a Scheduled Call Making a Direct Dial Call Video Visitation Setup and Troubleshooting Volume Troubleshooting Refund Request Video Visitation on Mobile Devices Time Zone or Scheduling issues


Set Up SMS Notifications Disable SMS Notifications Changing Phone Number For SMS Notifications Reading SMS Messages Online Paying For SMS Notifications Sending Images Number Visibility To Residents Carrier Compatibility How SMS Notifications Work - Summary Rules and Restrictions SMS Messaging Character Limits IPhone Short SMS Issue
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